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Private Coach & Boat Driving Instructions

On Your Own Boat

Hauling boat

Are you or someone you know looking to improve their knowledge of boating, towing and water safety?

Get "Hands-on" Boat Driving Instructions on the water!

Our instructor can come on to your boat and show you first hand how to make the most of your family's boating experience: providing guidance on proper docking & launching procedures; and learning handy tips to maximize your boat's wake presentation and performance.

With over 25 years of boating experience (former Canadian Coast Guard Search & Rescue specialist and Boating License Instructor), our pro coach can show you all you need to know regarding safe boating maneuvers and how to become more comfortable behind the wheel of your own boat. Boating with your friends and family during the beautiful summer months shouldn't be a stressful experience for the boat driver. Learn and practice with a pro to truly enjoy a safe, relax and fun summer on the water!


Wish you could have your own private coach to teach you wakesurfing on the wake you know?

We got you covered!

We offer to have our coach coming on your own boat to help you improve your wakesurfing skills while riding behind the boat you know! Our coach will also be happy to accommodate additional activities such as: wakeboarding, wakeskating, kneeboarding, waterskiing and tubing during your booking (must have your own equipment).


Mix-and-match your private charter options...

...and really get the most of what we have to offer!

Your charter can include a variety of watersports AND boat driving lessons. We offer 1-8 hour charters and multi-day rates.


Please note:  Unless departing from H2O School’s dock, travel fees will apply. Your lesson starts when the instructor enters your boat and ends when he/she returns to the dock. We recommend you fill up your ballasts and get your boat ready prior to picking up the instructor. But remember: You are responsible for your own wake, so please come to full stop first (to prevent your wake from following you) and then approach docks and marinas at the slowest speed!

Caro Villeneuve

Hourly Rates
On your own boat

This has became one of our most popular private service. While on your boat, the coach can teach wakesurfing and wakeboarding lessons, boat driving instructions and can help you figuring out the best settings to maximize your wake.

(Taxes are not included in the prices below.)

Pro Coach

  • 1 to 2 hours: $180/hour

  • 3 to 4 hours: $170/hour

  • 5 to 8 hours: $160/hour

Boat driver

Daily Rates

Bring the coach to you!

This is the perfect option for those who would prefer getting a coach to come to their lake instead of flying the whole family here. Our multi-day packages are offered for a minimum of 3 consecutive days. We recommend you to book early, as availabilities are limited (especially in the peak of our season). 

(Taxes and travel expenses are not included in the prices below.)

In addition to the coaching daily rates below, you will be responsible to provide food & accommodation, and cover the coach's travel expenses (including half of the coaching daily rate for each travel day).

Pro Coach

  • 3 to 4 days: $950/day

  • 5 to 6 days: $800/day

  • 7 to 9 days: $650/day

Daily rates are based on a 6 hours of coaching per day. Please contact us to learn more about our custom packages or for inquires of less than 3 days or more than 7 days. 

Need more information on your options? Reach out today!

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