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No Hidden fees, it's ALL INCLUDED!

We are extremely lucky at H2O School to offer high end gear to our clients during our lessons, charters and camps. All the equipment and gear that you will need is provided by H2O School.

You may bring your own equipment if you prefer using what is familiar, but we have a wide variety at your disposal if you need it!


Read more below to learn more about all the equipment we have to offer! 

Make sure to check out our awesome sponsors HERE. We are fortunate to have the highest quality of performance equipment from a variety of incredible sponsors at the top of the industry!

Wakesurf Boards

Phase 5 Wakesurfers

We are very excited to have Phase 5 Wakesurfers partnering with us. At H2o School, we have a wide collection of boards for you all to try:

kids boards, skim style boards, surf style boards, and a great variety of sizes.

We undoubtedly have something that will fit your style!

Contact us to ask for specific information our board room collection of boards.

Waterproof Communication Technology


Ask us about the Bb TALKIN Bluetooth Waterproof Communications! That's right, we have the possibility to speak directly to the rider and take our one-on-one coaching to the next level! 

For the little ones, our Bb TALKIN helmet, but for the youth and adults we have a great ball cap option!

ladies surf smile radio waving_edited.jpg
ladies surf tricks radio driving_edited.jpg

Wetsuits & Lifejackets

Shuswap Ski & Boards

Are you worried the water might be a bit chilly during your early season or late season activities? Don't worry, all our valuable clients are welcome to use our wetsuits if needed. We also have lifejackets for all sizes! If you prefer using your own, feel free to bring them too.​


Everyone is required to wear a lifejacket while wakesurfing behind H2O School’s boats. 

Huge thanks to Shuswap Ski & Boards for supporting H2O School with the best gear to keep you safe and warm!  

All the best for your comfort


H2O School is partnered with Surfinity who provides us with all the extra gear we need to make your special day as smooth and comfortable as it can be!


The heated blanket, which can be plugged in the boat heater, gives our clients that extra warmth and comfort sometimes needed on cooler days.


They now also have a great variety of boat organization products that makes carrying and organizing the gear a lot better! Not sure how we used to manage before all these awesome boat "organizational bags."

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